AM I STRONG IN THIS? A typical question, that girls ask when they are trying on new clothes, is “do I look fat in this?” Social media causes us to second guess what we look like. Making us think that we have to look and act a certain way, which is not the case at […]

So often we let one bad moment ruin the rest of our day. Why do we let one moment distinguish what the rest of our day is like!? Guilty!? I am! We don’t just let bad moments consume us.. We let material items consume us also. We wake up in the morning and can’t find […]

Hey Yall!! This a collab post with Yvanne!! We are sharing out favorite Ted talks. I hope you enjoy!   I am so glad there’s a platform like TED where people from a variety of backgrounds can share their stories and ideas. Whenever I’m bored or just need a little motivation, I know there are […]

Fit for summer It might be a little late to be talking about being fit for summer, because its already summer, but it is always important to watch what we consume every day and also what we do to keep active. I have been doing pretty well at staying fit and healthy this past semester […]

Hey Yall! Today’s post is a collab with Nikki! We gathered some our favorite bible verses from the bible to share with you! I hope you enjoy!! Hey Friends! My name is Nikki from the blog HerDaringThoughts, this summer I have been reading the book of Timothy in the bible and I finally finished it […]

It’s been six months!! WOW! Its been six crazy and exciting months. I started my blog off with a list of goals for my self, in 2017! So we are going to do a quick run over how I am actually doing with said goals!! Goal One My first goal was this blog, Coffee With […]

We all want to have friends that will last forever. This is often a struggle for many people including myself. The problem is, that we look for forever, in people who are not supposed to be in our lives forever. I struggled with this for a long time. Now I know that if I am […]

Healthy for Summer Eating good foods goes hand in hand with working out. I know I can be difficult to eat well all of the time, I personally love French fries and probably eat them a couple times a week. A lot of us have a difficulty balancing the good foods and the bad foods. […]

Y’all a day ago I was nominated for the Liebster award, which is pretty exciting to me! I was nominated by Taylor Kate, who is truly a sweet girl! The Liebster award, is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. For us it helps to create friendships and community. The rules for the Liebster Award […]

Part Two I never didn’t like going to church, but I personally was missing a crucial part in being in relationship with God. That was the Gospel. Understanding the Gospel is a crucial part of our relationship with God. We learn that because of Jesus we are able to live an eternal life. Jesus paid the […]