How to Set Goals!


How to Set Goals!

As I said in my last blog post, goals are “the object of a person’s ambitions or effort; an aim or desired result.” So, when you are making goals, your goals should be all about you! When you are thinking about what you aspire for make sure that it is authentically you and not what you have seen in someone’s Instagram or Facebook post. When you use what you see in other people’s post to justify the type of person you think should be, you are really just comparing yourself to them, we are not meant to be like anyone else.

Sadie Robertson says it best “In reality if you are seeking self-approval or human approval you will never reach you goal.” The only person’s approval that matters is God’s, because in the end he is the ultimate judge.

Your goals don’t have to be anything huge, just something that you want to change or add into your life!

What to think about when setting goals!

What makes you who you are or what sets you apart from everyone else? Differences are great! Being set apart means that you are able to stand out from the crowd! Next, what drives you to want to make a difference in the world? I believe that we are all on this earth because we are destined to do something good for the people around us; what is your good? Lastly, what are you talented at?

 I like to think that one day all of my goals and talents will align so that I am truly living a life that I love. Personally, I know that I want to be an advocate for people who are in need of guidance. One of my talents is dancing! I love to dance, it brings me so much joy! Dancing is a great stress reliever, so maybe one day I can help people relieve stress through dancing!

Write your goals down!

Write your goals in a journal or on something that you will see often. If you are to see it often it will motivate you to pursue them!! When you write them down you can also write why it is one of your goals, so it is clear to you!

Talk to someone about your goals!

This way you are more likely to stick to your goals. Don’t tell just anyone though, make sure it is someone who will support you and help you to reach your goals! This is important, because even if someone doesn’t truly mean to, they can be discouraging. So if you truly want to do something, do it!

Pray about them!

Last but not least, pray! This will help all of your goals to manifest. Sitting down and talking to God about what you aspire to do will give you incite on just how to work on your goals. If you are honest with all of your wants, God will show His love in your life.

Don’t forget to share your talents and goodness with the world this week!!

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