If You Look Good, You Will Feel Good and Loving Yourself!!

If You Look Good, You will Feel Good

About a month and a half ago I got to do a photo shoot with a friend on campus. My friend who took the pictures, is a photography student, and it was both her and I’s first time doing a shoot that would be published. It was soo much FUN!

I learned a long time ago that if you look good you feel good, and it has been one of my motto’s for a long time. Not saying you have to put make up on everyday to feel good. Honestly a big part of feeling good is loving yourself! Loving yourself is so so important!






Love Yourself!!

As I said at the beginning, loving yourself is super important. As humans we tend to compare ourselves to others and we shouldn’t because we weren’t made to be the same as the person that we may be looking at on our computer screen, or cell phone, or the person we walk by in school.

We should tell ourselves that we are beautiful. I do this constantly!! We shouldn’t wait for someone else to tell us that we are, if we do, the persons compliment is useless. It’s useless, because if we don’t believe that we are beautiful before someone else says that we are, then we’ll never actually feel beautiful. It doesn’t feel the same when someone else tells you that you’re beautiful, rather than yourself. Although, the one that truly truuly matters is Jesus.

With Jesus

The ultimate way to loving yourself, is letting Jesus into your heart. Our beauty comes from the inside, out!! Honestly, I didn’t truly love myself until about a year ago, when I started attending the church I am at now. I am not saying that a certain church will help you to love yourself. Though, for me, I was just learning that if I wanted to pursue everything I want in life, I would need to dig deeper into my relationship with Christ and that included loving myself.

Give yourself a good look

Almost every time I pass a mirror, I take a good look at myself. I am mostly likely thinking, “Dang, who’s that girl right there!? Oh wait, its me!” Yes, I do this. I do it, even when I don’t have makeup on and wearing yoga pants.. You can’t only love yourself when you are wearing a fancy outfit with makeup on. You have to love all of the parts of yourself, even the parts you think are not pretty, because Jesus thinks they’re pretty. It is definitely easier said than done and will take time; but once you are there, it will be a great feeling, I’m sure!

I challenge you to look yourself in the mirror everyday for the next week and say that you are BEAUTIFUL.. and maybe do a crazy dance!

Spend time with yourself!

A friend of mine likes to think that I am calling her out in my post, well today I actually am; and she knows who she is.

Spending time with yourself is soo important!  For me, this is sitting down and reading a book or grabbing some coffee downtown and taking a stroll by myself. Yes, by myself. My friend thought it was weird I did this, but I told her I liked myself. It’s important to slow down from our busy lives and take some time to be with our self. I usually do this at the end of the week as a way of relaxing, because all through the week I am worried about getting assignments turned in. This has become a coping mechanism of mine, for sure! Be sure to find what your coping mechanism is! Another one for me recently has been working out. I am not doing it to lose weight or anything, but simply because I love myself and want to take care of my body.


I LOVE to eat. Another key part in loving our self, is making sure we don’t eat too many over processed foods. It is so easy to gather some change, walk down to the vending machine we have in the dorm, and get some Oreos!

For this reason, I like keep fruit, milk, yogurt, and granola in my room. This gives me a healthy way to subdue my craving for something sweet. So I can either make a smoothie bowl or drink a regular smoothie.


I am in no way perfect at loving myself, I am human just like you! These are just some tips that help me!!

As humans we are broken but we are put together by Jesus’ perfect love! Remember this through out the next week!

 “18 I ask that you’ll have the power to grasp love’s width and length, height and depth, together with all believers. 19 I ask that you’ll know the love of Christ that is beyond knowledge so that you will be filled entirely with the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:18-19 Common English Bible (CEB)

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Comment below the number of times I said beauty and love in this post! lol

P.S. I looked up how processed Oreos are and got really scared….

Have a great weekend!!

1 thought on “If You Look Good, You Will Feel Good and Loving Yourself!!

  1. This post was on point! I’m glad you’ve learned at such a young age. Most people don’t learn until after they’ve started a family and career, spending time with YOURSELF, and LOVING you is an essential part of life. You cannot properly love others if you can’t love yourself.
    As for your friend tell her I used to think spending time alone was unusual as well. Until long after I had a family and someone like you told me different. Now I can’t wait to spend time with ME!!!

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