It’s Okay to Fail!!

It’s Okay to Fail!!

I have been on a month long hiatus.. But I am back and hopefully better!! I want to make sure that all the content that I post is not rushed and is true who I am. In the past month I have been busy with school, among other things, and I have just not been the best at balancing it all.

When I initially started my hiatus, I had not actually planned it, it just happened. With too many things going on, I couldn’t exactly do what I wanted. During spring break I am taking some time to re-work things for my blog, work on school work, and have some fun!

Starting New Things!!

Everyone gets excited when they try something new (if you don’t that’s weird)! I remember being really excited about starting my blog. This something that I had been thinking about doing for a long time! So I started and I made my four post and boom! My excitement dwindled..

Feeling Discouraged..

“What Tae? You were so thrilled about your blog!” I was and still am. One of the most important things for me, in my life, is to be able to show people love and compassion in anyway I can. For some reason I felt like I wasn’t doing that. I also know I am not a perfect human and that I am not going to get it right all the time, but I knew something was not right.

So that is where the month long hiatus came in. During that time I kind got my self together, and started scheduling my time better. Also during the month I became a Mary Kay consultant! I am on a great team with many amazing women and they are honestly what inspired me to get everything back together! So here I am!

Get Pumped and Stay Pumped!

This past week I have been so pumped! You can only move one step at a time and that is what I have been doing. I am taking a mindfulness and self compassion class and I personally choose to meditate everyday against the other options. So what I do is either read scripture or read from the book I have called Jesus is_. After I read from either, I pray and think about what how the scripture or part in the book could change my life. I love doing this, it gave me the push I needed to read more of the bible and learn more about Jesus.

In other words, find something that will help you stay motivated to do what you want to do!! For me that is Jesus, if it was not for Him, I am not sure who I would be without Him!

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