Spring Favorites

Spring Favorites

So this post will have some of the things I have been enjoying going into the spring season! Everything I am posting is no more than 20 bucks a piece; I like a good deal! I hope you enjoy!!

I found this top at a store called Gabes. It’s kind of like a Ross or TJMaxx, but CHEAPER!  There is a similar shirt to this one at Target, but it is double the price I paid. I never really liked tops like this before because I felt like they looked weird on me, but I liked this one!


I also got this top at Gabes and I love it so much, because of how flowy it is! This shirt is also a step out of my comfort zone, but it looked good on so I bought it! I got this for about about 10 dollars!


I got this on sale at Target, it’s from the brand Who What Wear, for 14 dollars. This brand is normally pretty expensive, so when I saw the price I had to get it! I like that is has the slits in the side, this is one of the styles that is in right now.


I also found this romper at Gabes! I was reluctant to by it at first, because I didn’t think I would have anywhere to wear it to, but my aunt and mom convinced me it didn’t matter! I got this for about 15 dollars!


I have recently become a Mary Kay consultant and this so far is one of my favorite products! It’s a light coverage, oil-free moisturization, along with UVA and UVB protection! I’ve loved it because I don’t want to have a full face of makeup everyday, but this makes me look put together!



Rose water is really great for when you want to freshen up your skin! It is best used right after you get out of the shower, because your skin is soaking up moisture. I got this at TJMaxx for THREE bucks! I put it on before I put on makeup or by itself if I am going to the gym. I found that it keeps my skin fresh throughout the day when I use it!

“When you have faith. everything is possible,” is what the bracelet says. I got this for myself as a friendly reminder that what ever I put my heart to I will be able to pursue!  Remember this throughout the week, because faith can help you in your most troubling times! I got this at a fair trade store near school, so a profit will go to the company Far fetched. Far Fetched provides a job to artisans in Central America.

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“16 But me? I will sing of your strength!
    In the morning I will shout out loud
    about your faithful love
        because you have been my stronghold,
        my shelter when I was distraught.” Psalm 59:16 Common English Bible (CEB)

This verse left me really inspired today, I hope it does the same for you!! Have a good week!!

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