Fit for Summer

Fit for summer

It might be a little late to be talking about being fit for summer, because its already summer, but it is always important to watch what we consume every day and also what we do to keep active. I have been doing pretty well at staying fit and healthy this past semester and I want it to keep going throughout the summer.  I am definitely not the best, but I am trying to treat myself better.

You have to remember that your fitness journey is for you and not anyone else. So, when you scroll through your social media don’t compare yourself to others, because you are unique in your own ways. As young women, we have to learn to love ourselves the way we are. It does not matter what other people may say about the way you look, it only matters that you love who you are and what you look like.

Working out

Working out would be really easy if we could all have a personal trainer to tell us what kind of workouts to do. One thing I can tell you is that everyone has different body types, so we should not all be doing the exact same workouts.

From one of the days I went hiking for my Bio class


  • Be consistent

Being consistent will help you to make working out a habit. Once you make working out a priority you will start to see changes within yourself. For me I am more energized, happy, and alert. Working out has different benefits for everyone so make sure to do what is best for you!

  • Switch up workouts

If you don’t want to become bulky when working out this important. Your body will get used to the workouts you if you do the same ones each time that you go the gym, which causes you to get bulky. Also, it is more fun to work out when are not doing the same thing each time

  • Find a partner

Going to the gym with a friend is so much more fun then going alone. Your friends can help you to stay motivated while y’all work out. Also, its super fun to do partner exercises!



We typically think that to exercise we have to work out in a gym, but that is not the case. I’m sure we’ve all seen the shirts that say shopping is my cardio. Shopping can be your cardio, truly! If you can spend about a couple hours walking around a mall carrying bags, you are burning calories and basically lifting weights by the bags that you are carrying. A lot of malls actually have mile trackers on the inside, look out for them the next time you go!

On a serious note if you live near the mountains you could definitely take a short hike with a friend, this is also a way to get pretty pictures to post on social media and who doesn’t want nice pictures to post. Or if you live near a beach you can take a walk and watch the sunrise. In a lot of areas there are classes held on the beach

Fit Youtuber

If you ever get stumped on what to do when working out, YouTube is always great help. I tend to watch the people who have a similar physique to and mix up workouts that they do. So, my favorite Youtuber right now is Sarah’s Day. We have a similar background in terms of physique because we were both dancers growing up. So, if you can find a YouTuber that is similar to you that would definitely help.

Remember you are beautiful just the way you are and working out will only make you better you. Always love who you are in the moment.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2 New King James Version (NKJV)

I hope you have a great weekend!

Comment below something you are doing this weekend and your favorite YouTuber!!



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  1. This weekend I’ll be attending a woman’s conference, wedding, and baby shower. So far my favorite YouTuber is Airriaunte!!!! It was hard to choose but so far she’s my TIP TOP favorite hands down!

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