Life Update!!

Here’s some of what has been going on in my life over the course of the summer. For most of these things I have footage on my camera, that I need to put together and put on my YouTube channel! So be on the look out for that!!

Image-1 (7)
I went to my cousins wedding towards the beginning of summer!


Image-1 (5)
Ate some food
Image-1 (8)
Went on a beach trip to Nags Head!
Image-1 (3)
My brother swore into the military!


Image-1 (6)
and ate some more food obviously!! Food is probably my best friend hahahaha


One top of these things I have had summer classes as well as working. Let me just tell y’all, I am never taking a online summer class ever again!! NEVER! For one I am not that motivated during the summer, who is though!? I do a lot better when I am able to be in front of the professor. So when I take my summer classes next year, I’ll make sure they are in a class room.

I was thinking about sharing this in my next post, but I have decided to share it now! Each week I will have a word that many of us deal with on a regular basis. Like the word fear. I would break down what fear is and how it can be detrimental to us. Then I would end with a bible verse and explain how the bible verse would help us to eradicate fear!

To get this each week have to be subscribed to my blog! It will be a little unconventional because I don’t have a host website that I could send newsletter emails from. So what I will do is save everyone’s email into my gmail account and send emails that way!

Forgive me for being absent for so long. I have more post coming your way!!


Also, if you follow me on insta, you’d have seen that I posted this last week! This is definitely so true! I don’t know where God is taking me, but it’s somewhere good! And He’s doing the same for you!

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