College Experiences

No ones college experience is the same. So this is just what I can tell you about my experience. Especially if you’re at a small school, like me!

Mary Baldwin University

I’d like to say I go to a little big school, haha. Small in size, but big in personality!

Forgive them!!

Drama is bound to happen. If you’re on a small campus like me, you are going to most of the people in your classes everyday. It’s a whole easier to forgive people when they’ve wronged you and just move on. Jesus will give you peace in every situation!

Get connected

I did not really join many clubs or anything my freshman year.

But after being more involved last year, I can tell you it truly does make a difference. Being in your dorm room all the time can be suuper boring. For some odd reason when I am more active, I do better in my classes. If y’all are the same way, you should definitely join some clubs!



Get out in the community!! There is always so much to do around campus. It’s nice to get off campus after a long day or even week. Small towns are soo quirky!

We have multiple fair trade shopping places near my campus. (If you don’t know what fair trade is; its trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries.) We also have a bunch of places to eat, somehow I still end up at chick fil a. 

One of my favorites places downtown is our coffee shop! I spend so much time there doing homework or simply buying coffee. I love our coffee shop, because for some reason its the perfect place for me to get things done! I cant seem to get much don’t in my room or the library, odd I know. Haha!

Another cool thing we have downtown, is a church that is literally called Church Downtown haha. It’s held in a theater!! It’s literally so cute, it isn’t the church attend though.



I love taking walks around town! I’ve done this multiple times and you can just get so lost in whats around you! More like lost period. Being in a small town really has it’s perks. I have found so many good picture places while adventuring.

Another reason I cant wait to go back to school! I just love the vibe of the small town.

I feel like this was a pitch for the area that my school is in, hahaha! Staunton, Virginia, is where its at!!

All I wanted to say is to remember to forgive, connect, find community, and adventure! Its so important to have an open mind in college! You are going to experience so many things that you will either gin or lose from, just depends on how you look at it.


“You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.” Psalm 16:11

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