*This may be more of a rant, but it’s something that needs to be said.*

If this is going to be your first year in college or maybe you already in college and you struggle with that word up there; you should read this.

Have you heard of or the new app sarahah!?

If you haven’t they are websites or apps where people can make an account and get people to send them messages.

Most of the time people are looking for messages where people show their approval for who they are; by asking them to send a nice message.

In my own opinion these apps are pointless. But to others they are enjoyable. But why!? I don’t see why people have to know what others think of them. You are who you are, because Jesus made you that way.

So what I want to tell you before you step on or back on to campus is that…(or maybe life in general)

Your worth is in Jesus and Jesus alone. You don’t have to look to others for approval. Be who God set you on this earth to be.

For me that’s the girl who can never where an outfit that actually matches, loves coffee way too much, loves to read. The girl who says that shopping is her cardio, but still hits the gym. The girl who over thinks pretty much everything! Who wants to be her best self, even though there are people out there who may or may not think she’s odd.

I say, may or may not, because I don’t care for the opinions of others. My head is pointed towards the sky. I know Jesus loves me for who I am.

I am okay with not being “normal!” Are you?

Are you willing to step away from the world and cherish what it is that Jesus has promised you!?

I know first hand that people’s words can change with the swing of a bat. But God’s words stand firm through it all.


By writing this I am not saying I’m perfect in anyway.. just expressing my thoughts. There was a time I didn’t share my thoughts. But I’m on a bold pursuit for who Jesus says I am. He says that I am a creator and I will create whatever falls on my heart.

Sorry Sarahah, I don’t like you. You take away peoples confidence. Which is to be found in Jesus and Jesus alone.

Honestly it goes farther than Sarahah.. people also look for approval from the amount of likes and comments they get on pictures. We’ve all been there. We can save that for another day though.

“What can we say about all this? If God is on our side, can anyone be against us?” Romans 8:31 CEV 

Have a happy Wednesday y’all! I hope your back to school packing is going well!

3 thoughts on “Approval

  1. Every time I see someone using Sarahah, I think “why on earth would someone want to encourage other people to anonymously roast them?!” Thank you for reminding us that our worth is in Christ. It’s way too easy sometimes to get caught up in other people/things!
    P.S. Even though I’m excited to get back on campus, I have no motivation whatsoever when it comes to packing :/

      1. I didn’t mean to hit send😂 all people do is say rude things. Idk why people want to read that. I totally feel you about packing though. I always pack a couple days before I get back😂😂 I’m the worst haha

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