College As We Know It

For this post I gathered some bloggers who were interested in answering questions about back to school! We all have totally different experiences, so I think everyone will get a good idea of what college is and was like for us. This is also a good post for anyone who is a freshman or a senior preparing for college!

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  • Where did/do you go to school!?


Me: Mary Baldwin University

Jennifer: University of Arizona

Madison: North Carolina State University

Hannah: I’m a junior at the University of Rhode Island!

Kaila I went to Suffolk University in Boston, Ma!


  • What is one of your favorite things about college!?


Me: I love the independence of being at school, like Jennifer I like that I can from my own schedule. When my time is scheduled I always do much better! I also love getting to know new people. We tend to get a good amount of exchange students, so its always cool to talk with them about their culture and how they’re getting accustomed to the U.S.

Jennifer: Being independent and forming my own schedule

Madison: This may sound nerdy but one of my favorite things about college was actually learning. I had some amazing professors and many of my classes had engaging, hands-on projects throughout the semester that were a lot of fun. I might be biased but marketing classes are so interesting!

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Hannah: I love the being able to meet so many different people with different background than me. I grew up in a pretty small and isolated town, so being in a fun college town has been an amazing experience. It’s really showed me that I want to move to a city after college!

Kaila: My favorite thing about college was having the opportunity to explore different interests through classes. I was never 100% sure what I wanted to do with my life, but having the opportunity to explore different interests really helped me not only figure out a life plan, but discover interests that I never knew I had.


  • What do/did you like least about college!?


Me: What bugs me the most are when students are not respectful of professors! We pay thousands of dollars to go to school and people can’t find it in them to be respectful to professors.

Jennifer: Having to be a responsible adult 80% of the time

Madison: The thing I liked least about college were the tests. I have pretty bad test anxiety and I was always very nervous taking tests, especially when I’d have multiple tests in one day.

Hannah: I think it can be stressful sometimes. A lot actually, especially the first year. Once you get into a great routine though, things get so much better.

Kaila: I think sharing a bathroom with multiple people was the worst! I was lucky and only ever had to share with three people max, but I was always freaked out about germs and if any of my roommates/suitemates were sick I would frantically clean the bathroom!


  • What is a tip you have for making new friends?


Me: All of the activities on campus are for you to get out and mingle with other people! So go mingle! A good way to make friends is through group projects. Most people don’t like them, but once you’re in the real world you’re going to have to work in groups all the time. So group projects are a great way to meet new people. I understand we can all be a little awkward when meeting new people, but try to be your self as much as possible!

Jennifer: Leave your dorm room door open the first couple weeks of school during the afternoon or whenever you are just hanging in your dorm. Also, get involved! Put yourself out there.

Madison: My biggest tip for making new friends is be open to talking to anyone! I would start conversations with people sitting around me before class started, people at the bus stop, people in the library. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll get along with that person and become friends. It’s best to start early in the semester so you have a friend to talk about your class with and someone for team projects.

Hannah: I would say try to get involved in things. Make friends with people in your classes. Leave you dorm room door open. Everyone is in the same position as you, and everyone is just trying to find their tribe as well.

Kaila: Get involved! My freshman year, I had a few friends that lived on my floor (but I was planning to transfer so I didn’t really care about making many friends). However, I decided to stay my sophomore year, made friends on my floor, and joined a sorority on campus. Most of my friends consisted of others in the Greek system! You don’t have to join a sorority or fraternity to make friends, though. Colleges offer so many clubs and sports teams that joining something you’re interested in with others who have the same interests will help you!


  • If you ever feel/felt home sick, what do/did you do to feel better?


Me: I never felt homesick, because I’ve always been independent. But I feel like a good tip would be to Facetime your parents or if you don’t have an iPhone you can always use Facebook messenger! So its almost like you are face to face with your family members

Jennifer: I normally hung out with my friends more and called my mom. I also learned that my friends were just as homesick as me, if not more, so that helped out a bit.

Madison: I commuted to college from my house so fortunately homesickness didn’t play a role in my college experience.

Hannah: If you’re feeling homesick, I think it’s super important to be with other people and have fun. This takes your mind off of the homesickness and makes it much easier to adjust to the college environment.

Kaila: I am such a homebody and am so close to my family so living away from home was really difficult for me. We are so lucky we live in an age with such great technology because any time I felt homesick I would just face time my mom (and dogs!!) and would instantly feel better!


  • What is/was something you always have/had in your dorm room?


Me: COFFEE! Would I be Coffee with Tae without it!? haha. having coffee in my dorm keeps me from spending a bunch of money else where. A coffee shop is my favorite place to work though. Also, food in general because I like to eat haha

Jennifer: I have and will always have trail mix in my dorm room/apartment. It is a perfect snack for on-the-go and it is a healthy alternative to other snack foods.

Madison: I never lived in a dorm but two things I always have are my phone and laptop. They’re must-haves anywhere and always with me wherever I go.

Hannah: A Keurig. It’s my life. I love not having to buy coffee out everyday, and it’s so easy to use. Major essential for me!

Kaila: I always made sure to have paper bowls in my dorm room! For some reason, I always found myself eating cereal as a snack and never wanting to go to the dining hall to get them! Plus, I didn’t have a kitchen so it was easy to just toss them out! Probably not the best for the environment but I used reusable plates, water bottles, and silverware!


  • What’s/was your favorite thing to do on weekends during school?


Me: I LOVE to walk! The location of Mary Baldwin has a great downtown area. Its a great way to relax and clear your head!

Jennifer: During the weekends, I love to explore my town with my friends. Get to know the town where your college is located!

Madison: My favorite thing to do on weekends during school was travel! Usually destinations for a weekend trip aren’t too far away but it’s so fun to explore different towns – going to the mountains, the beach, or theme parks. Taking small trips is a great way to take a break from school and you never feel like you wasted the weekend.

Hannah: I’m a pretty low key person. I like to just relax on the weekends sometimes and just binge some Netflix. I also love going out to dinner with friends, hanging with my boyfriend, exploring the towns surrounding my college, West Country girl living and working in London. Blogging rambles of life, food, beauty and travel along the way.etc.

Kaila: I liked hanging out with my friends! That’s probably an obvious answer but it’s true. We were all so busy during the week so the weekends were the best time to hang! I was also really lucky to go to school in the middle of Boston so I was constantly visiting historic sites and museums (I was a history major) and exploring the city!


  • Why’d you choose your school?


Me: I wanted to go to an all girls high school, but that would have been a whole lot of money. So when I got a letter from Mary Baldwin, I toured and loved it! The mountains are so so pretty!

Jennifer: I actually wanted to go to University of Oregon for a while, but I realized that it was super cold, expensive and far away from my home state, so I decided to give U of A a try and follow my brother and sister’s footsteps.

Madison: I chose my school originally for my intended major and ended up going into a completely different major. My school had a program called First Year College that you could select (and I did) so that you didn’t have to commit to a major right away and we had a class once a week where we explored different majors. I went to a school well-known for its engineering program thinking I wanted to major in computer science and realized in the first week that I was destined for business and marketing.

Hannah: I chose my school because I felt at home when I visited. It was close to an ocean, only a couple hours from my hometown, and everyone I met was so nice. I loved the program they had for my major and I felt like I would find so many opportunities there… and I have!

Kaila: To be honest, I chose Suffolk because they gave me the most financial aid, but now I am so grateful that I did. Because I had the most incredible college experience and would do anything to be back!


  • What’s/was your major and why do you like it?


Me: My major is Social Work. I absolutely love it, because I have always had a passion for serving people! I want to see people grow and reach their own personal goals. Seeing people happy is so satisfying to me!

Jennifer: My major is Elementary Education and I am loving every minute of it! I have always enjoyed the learning process and school in general, and I love seeing how kids develop and grow.

Madison: My major was Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I like my major because it allows me to be creative, requires a bunch of skills that I excel in, and really allows me to do what I love. Learning about something you have a passion for is a whole new experience compared to high school.

Hannah: I’m a Communication major with a double minor in Business and Writing. My favorite thing about my major is that I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve taken classes such as public speaking and interpersonal communication, which both taught me so much about who I am as a person.

Kaila: I was a history major! History was always my favorite subject and I think I always knew I would major in it. However, throughout my years I switched my major a few times but ultimately ended up back with a history! I just find it so interesting and something I love to learn about, which not only helped me stay focused but really motivated me to do well.


  • What’s/was one snack you keep/kept in your dorm room?


Me: Granola! you can eat it with so many things! With a smoothie, yogurt, with milk.. that was three but Im sure people know some other ways haha!

Jennifer: Other than trail mix, I always keep carrots and hummus and fresh fruit. These are great snacks to have on hand and they will help you to stay healthy and will give you energy throughout the day.

Madison: Pretzels! I love pretzels. You could usually find me on a bench eating pretzels and watching Netflix between classes.

Hannah: VEGGIE STICKS! People think I’m so weird. But the veggie sticks from Trader Joe’s are the best snacks in the world.

Kaila: I always made sure to have almonds, Krave cereal and Quest Bars! Three of my favorite snacks! Jennifer Hannah Madison Kaila

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope you enjoyed our responses! Also a huge thank you to the girls that were willing to answer the questions! I  loved getting to now y’all a little better!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

God has plans for you and your life! Wherever you are going He will protect you, all you have to do is trust in Him!

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. Loved reading everyone’s answers! It’s so amazing how we all have such a crucial part of our lives in common, but the experiences are so different! Great job!!

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