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I always find myself watching random Sermons, TED talks or just reading something that will help me better myself. So today I’m coming at y’all with a post all about discipleshipAs Christians this is important, because God’s mission is our mission. We are supposed to be bringing people to Him, so that they can find the same love and acceptance that we have. In the sermon I watched, Pastor lee called what I call the “Keys to Discipleship,” the “Six I’s of Discipleship.” When I find out what church he is from I will add it in!!



It is very important that we are able to distinguish the relationships we have in our lives! The sermon started off with the…three types of people we have in our lives.

Paul: A mentor- a person who is  spiritually more mature. 

For me this person is my campus leader for RUF (Reformed University Fellowship)

Barnabas: friends-people who you can open up your heart to.

I’ve learned the hard way this is not just anyone we consider a friend. Not everyone is going to understand the kind of person you are and God’s purpose in your life. Everyone one in your life serves a different purpose!

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Timothy: People you invest in.

Who in your life comes to you when they are struggling spiritually?

Next are the…six parts to discipleship…

Identify: who are the people you should be investing in. If you’re not sure who these people are, then you should most definitely pray about it!! As I was listening to the sermon it was super clear who the people were that I should be disciple-

Invest: You have time!! Stop making excuses. Find room in your life to start discipling people. This is a big one for me, cause I have a crazy thing for time. Sometimes I feel as if there is not enough time. Or when I take time to relax and spend time with myself, I feel as if I am wasting my time and I could be doing something else

Include: When you have ministry, you don’t just have yourself. Our work goes beyond ourselves. Serving in your community and serving in your church. There are so many things you can do to serve others!

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Instruct: Share the word of God to help others become a disciple. We are sent to share the Gospel with the world, to help people understand the love of Jesus!

Intercede: Pray for your disciples, that Christ will be formed in them. A heart like Jesus’ heart is so important

Impart: Spiritual. A prophetic word. Or simply laying your hands on a person.

wow wow wow! thank you for reading! I thought this was really important to share! I always ask God to clearly express why certain people are in my life and watching the sermon was really helpful. Sadly it was a live video, otherwise I would share it with y’all! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog in order to get the extras for this post! I added some more commentary about Discipleship! and also some questions to ask yourself!!

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