Transitions Don’t Always Mean Letting Go Of Old Blessings


It’s like I have started from scratch.

I have been in a transition lately and to put it to ya straight, I was just being plain lazy. While I love blogging, God wants me to be more personal with people, so I stopped blogging all together. I thought since I am to be more personal then I cant blog anymore right!? WRONG! So wrong and I truly missed blogging so much. Yes, I know what my next season may look like, but that does not mean that I totally leave behind what got me to where I am.

SO recently I have been working on putting together a workshop to do on my college campus, come up with a design for a T-shirt, and an ebook. For my workshop I have come up with a design concept and ideas for how it will be done, but as for the other ideas I have not come up with much yet.

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We will prioritize your time– You have time to do anything that your heart wants! I promise that there is time to work on any desire that God places on your heart. I think that a good way of recognizing our priorities is to write them all down. Once you write them down, figure out which things need to get done first.

My List

blog post

reaching out to people everyday (coaching)

posting twice a day (insta and facebook)


edit (blog post or vlog)

working on my eBook


Once you have your list, pay attention to the things that take you away from doing what your heart desires. Are the things that are taking you away important or are they blocking your blessing!?

We will get rid of anything that is not helping you–anything that is holding you back–people and possessions. I am a firm believer in letting go of people who are harmful to us. Yet I have been keeping many people in my life who will only hold me back from the blessings God has promised me. Now it is no ones fault that I no longer mesh with certain people. Some people simply can not go into the next season of our lives with us. With that being aid I wanted to share the words from my last Instagram post with you all.

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This is something that I just need to get out in the air. Some will probably be offended or think that I want attention. Or what Im about to say to even be cocky. I can’t care anymore though. I have never been an attention seeker. Hopefully this gives somebody courage.

From a young age I always knew that I was different. I am truly set apart. There aren’t many young people like me. I have never been able to have a deep connection with anyone. I used to be saddened by this. But in the last year I have gained so much strength.

I have known in my heart that my spirit will be what people see about me first. Throughout this past year I have wondered many times how I am so happy all the time, so filled with joy. It’s because Jesus has a place in my life. I welcomed Him fully into my life almost a year ago. Even before I was always the person that people wanted to talk to and get advice from. This past year has tested my foundation through my relationships with people. I have been pushed like never before!

People truly do see my spirit first and I would like to keep it that way.

I came to college and thought that I would DEFINITELY find my group of people that I would finally have a deep connection with. I thought I did and it was something I really wanted. 

Though in my two and half years of college, I have been tested and come through so much stronger. 

I have learned that in order to get where I want to go, not everyone can go with me. People can and will hold you back, even if they aren’t consciously aware.

God is keeping me for the people who will be with me forever. The people I will have an eternal connection with. If you ever feel the way I have felt for so long, remember that God is with you. In His timing only will you be blessed with the people who will be there for you. In His time only will we receive his blessings.

Don’t let the energy of the people around you hold you back. I promise the pain is not worth it. 

There is beauty in waiting!! Let this season of your life bring you joy and peace. Your blessing is around the corner. 

much love, Tae💖

I hope this gives you some encouragement. If you are in this same place I totally understand what you are going through and what I want to tell you, is not to settle for anything less than what you deserve. God is holding the people who will set you free until the right time. He’s got your back. He loves you and cares so much for your well-being. Our season of waiting is almost up, there are so many promises from God. I promise he will bless you when the time is right.


Let him be the center of your life.

*I talk about this some at the end of my last vlog <- click here!

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We will read our bible daily. Taking time to learn about Jesus and his sacrifice for us all can really humble our spirit. We should not take lightly the work that Jesus did for us on the cross. He died so that we could have eternal life. We re made righteous because he loved us so much, that he gave his only son, so we do not suffer a painful death, but live forever. Our sins are justified by Jesus’ death on the cross.

By reading and digging deep into scripture we are able to learn to live like Jesus did. We are able to learn how to activate our faith. This is a life long process and not something that just happens. Which is why it is crucial to meet with God everyday, because as humans, we are natural born sinners.

I have been sharing my bible study on Instagram, follow me to be apart of them

We will always pray to God and praise God. Being a natural born sinner means that life is not going to be easy. shoot being a Christian means that life is not going to be easy. If we are making the conscious effort to live like Christ Jesus, our life will not be simple, because his life was not simple. Yes, God is a miracle worker but He is not someone you go to only when you need something. It is important to praise God for all that He has blessed you with, even when things are difficult and your confused and hurt. BROKEN.

I am so glad that I wrote this. God gives us glimpses of what our future will be like. But never use that glimpse as an excuse to be lazy. Learn from me haha. The last month I have truly been so frustrated. Thinking “well God you said this, but why do I feel like it isn’t right.” I realized that I veered off the path that God had set for me. I realized it wasn’t right and I apologize to all of you.

I hope this blesses you and my lesson on laziness encourages you to push forward in your passions!

John 3:16

16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

How have you been friend? I want to know!! Talk to me in the comments below!

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