Creating Goals For 2018!!

If you remember one of my very first post from last year. I explained the difference between goals and resolutions- trust me there is a difference.

*post from last year can be found here

“A goal is “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” While the meaning of resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” I like to think that making goals in the new year is better than making resolutions; at least for me. No one knows what exactly will happen to them throughout a year, so you can’t really make a firm decision when you don’t know your circumstances for the whole year. With a goal, you are aiming to do better for yourself, which means that yours goals are constantly on your mind! What that being said, here are my goals for twenty seventeen!!” – Here’s a little snippet so you know why I choose goals over resolutions.

Honestly, how can we even make a resolution when our lives are not even up to us. It is all about God’s plan for our lives. We essentially cannot make a resolution about anything, it’s because of His will that we have purpose for our lives. We can create goals, because our aim should be to please God with our obedience to his will in our lives.

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My New Year Goals


I tend to think of myself as organized, but this is a skill I do not have! This year I am dedicating time to finding a method that works for me!!

Priorities weekly and daily– With my coaching business and my blog I have task that I should at least do weekly, as well as daily. My plan is to pick the days that I will complete certain task on and stick with it!

Fewer distractions– Does anyone else get to thinking that they can watch an episode and do work at the same time!? *raises hand* I definitely do! I do this to myself all of the time and end up not getting as much done as I want to. Or thinking that I can multitask!?!?! What!? That’s not even real. No one can multitask friends. “Multitasking” actually decreases productivity. Let’s commit to doing one thing at a time friends!

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Pomodoro my time– I had to look up how to spell this technique- I’ve been spelling it wrong for a while!! OOPS. Basically when you use this technique- you set your timer for how long you want to work(commit to that time), then take a couple of minutes break and repeat it again until your task is done!

Y’ALL when I use this technique my productivity sky rockets!! (literally using it right now, to write this post!)


You all don’t know any about this, but I thought I’d share anyways! As it is part of my goals for the New Year!!

At least 20 coaches by the end of the year!!– This would be a HUGE success! Especially being that I have struggle with finding ladies to work with me in my first months! I want ladies who are willing to face their own fears, move past their own objections, step out on faith, are loving and willing to help change other people lives!!

If you are reading this and it speaks to you fill out this FORM

I am so excited to work with you and encourage you!!

Diamond Coach– This just means I have a certain amount of coaches under me committed to changing lives!

Commit to helping three ladies every month– Every month I hold challenge groups with the ladies on my team! I aim to help ladies change their minds about health and fitness, create a community filled with love and respect, with God at the center! We are given one body for our whole lives, it’s important we treat it right!!  Do you need accountability in reaching your fitness goals!? Click HERE

Let’s rock the New Year with our health and fitness!!

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My personal health and fitness

It’s important that as a coach I am working towards my own health and fitness goals.. otherwise I would not be setting a good example for the ladies I work with!!

complete 80 day obsession!!– This going to be 80 days straight of live workouts! I am soo excited for this and also nervous. It’s 80 freaking days!! A HUGE commitment. I know that with the encouragement of my team I will be able to push through though! We’ve all spent this past month preparing ourselves for it! We’re gonna rock!

Change eating style!– I am already a vegetarian, so for the most part I eat decently haha. One thing I want to focus on is eating less unnatural sugars; so eating more fruit. I also want to start trying new vegetables! Zucchini and squash are two of my new favorite right now!

Learn new recipes– Friends I am not the best cook, so I need to get some practice in! SO far during winter break I have made a couple of meals that will be easy to make back at school! I will eventually be sharing them on the blog! So be on the look out!

I want to find new recipes that I can take throughout my internship this semester! I probably start meal prepping so that I have food throughout the week, cause I’m sure I’ll be busy! If you know any easy recipes that are vegetarian, drop them in the comments!

My blog!

Post weekly– Throughout the past year this is something that I have not held myself accountable to and it has to change in the new year! No matter what is going on I will have a post up for you all (unless I have a valid reason). This is not something I can skip out on if I want to become better at what I do!

Send out a newsletter weekly– I typically do not know what to send out in my newsletter. Though for the new year I am thinking more bible studies, another segment for you all to keep up with what is going on with me, and hopefully product releases!!

Marketing strategies– Marketing is not something I know much about, though it is important if I want to make myself known! So this year I will commit to learning how to market myself so I can reach young ladies who may not feel worthy- show them that God is with them! I want my passions to be a light in other people’s lives. In order to reach them I need to market myself better!!

Hearts Combined

Y’ALL I have been so secretive about this for a while! But I am so so excited to be partnering up with my blogging best friend, Amanda at Blithesome Brunette, to bring you a chance to be part community of young ladies who are just like YOU seeking God, dealing with the struggles of young adulthood and so much more! I am so thankful that God placed this girly in my life!! I hope our friendship encourages you and is a light for you in your life! This is something that we have both wanted in our lives, TRUE community! We got the idea and we are running with it! Glory be to God!

Monthly videos– Every month will have a theme (a word or phrase that we will tackle)! We will break down what this means for us in our daily life and an all-encompassing bible verse to start off the month! This will definitely develop as we go!

Weekly discussions– Every week we will have prompting questions to help you think about the topic we are facing. We will chat about ways we can move forward and live out whatever the theme is. Ways to allow God to be the center of our lives. And be an encouragement to the other ladies in the group!

End of the month video chats!– All of the ladies in the group will meet at the end of the month in an online video chat to talk about how the theme impacted them, ways to move forward and simply chat about life! Being able to chat real life is going to be THE best! Hearing and seeing the people you are gong through life with is truly a blessing!

I am so excited for how this will make an impact on you and even myself. This is going to take some major strength, but I am so ready to depend on God through all of this!!

To find us on Instagram click HERE

To join the group on Facebook click HERE

My Personal Jesus Goals

Commit to meeting Him everyday– To develop strength to withstand anything that may come at me throughout this year, and live in total FREEDOM (my word for the year), I will have to submit to God daily. My obedience to Him is most important, Otherwise I will not be able to lead other girls like me to Him.

Strengthen my prayer life– It’s true that God knows our heart when we reach out to Him. Though I feel that my prayer life is a little weak and I want to be able to connect with God in a deeper way. So my prayer life is something I need to work on.

Friends these are my goals for the New Year!! I am so ready to ROCK it with you! I am made a little spread sheet to help you develop some of your goals! So if sign up to my newsletter below it will be coming your way shortly!!

*this is my first time making one of these, so if you don’t get it, comment below or shoot me a message on social media*

Fearless Friends!!

I'm so excited that you want to be apart of the fearlessly fit in faith community!

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Lets go be Fearless!!


I am so excited for 2018 with YOU. Lets commit to our goals together! Comment your biggest goal down below!! I want to know what you’re working towards!! Also it will help to keep you accountable! *wink wink* I’ll be creeping to make sure you are reaching your goals and supporting you along the way!!

“She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future” Proverbs 31:25 living this verse out in the next 12 months!!

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