Patience Through The Detour

Throughout my life, patience has always been something I really struggled to gain. I didn’t just want to know what was going to happen, I needed to also get it done. Admittedly, I just didn’t feel like I was being patient with my faith.

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When it came to sitting down and trying to wait on God to speak in my life, I sometimes felt like I was waiting forever. Satan and my lack of patience even had me feeling like I was waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen. Have any of you ever felt like Satan was holding you back from the place God wanted you to be?

I knew God had a calling on my life, just as He does on each of your lives, but I didn’t want to be patient and wait for that calling to appear. I wanted a billboard placed right outside my window that had my calling in clear text so I could finally know and quit waiting.

During my life of trying to practice patience, I came across the story of Joseph (Genesis 37-50). For those who don’t know this story, as the youngest son Joseph was given the coat of many colors by his fathers to signify their strong bond. Joseph’s brothers were already jealous, but their jealous erupted when Joseph came to them and told him about a dream where they were all bowing to him. His brothers became so angry and jealous that the thought of killing their brother went through their mind. They decided against killing him but instead stripped him of his coat and threw him into a pit.

I’m sure Joseph was confused during this time because how was he going to live out his calling that God had sent him in a dream if he was trapped in this pit? Joseph did not know it then but his story was not going to end in the pit and he was going to have to start practicing a lot of patience because God had some detours planned for his life. Things don’t always happen when or how we think they will, we have to learn to be patient and trust God’s plan.

Joseph’s detour included being stripped of his coat, thrown into a pit, chained behind a caravan, sold as a slave, imprisoned and forgotten. Maybe you feel like you’re on detour after detour, like Joseph, and you’ve been forgotten or have run out of patience.

If that’s you, I urge you to wait it out a little longer, lean into His word a little harder, and listen to His voice a little closer. Your breakthrough is just around the corner, be patient.

Joseph’s story didn’t end when he was forgotten about and left in prison. While Joseph was having to practice patience, God was doing a work in him.

Maybe you’re struggling to be patient while waiting for a job, a life partner, or to hear your calling from God, and maybe you even think you’re ready for these things. But there is a chance God is still doing a work in you, in the business you’re going to start, in the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, or even in the world to prepare them for the great impact you’re going to make.

The only time God will put you in a situation where you don’t feel like you can handle what is going on is when He is trying to get you to trust more in Him. With Him, who can stand against you?

God is doing a work in you and in your calling, He is preparing you for your calling and your calling for you!

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Joseph was on detour after detour because God needed him to be patient while God did a work in him. Joseph may have felt forgotten about, and he even was forgotten about by the cupbearer, but God never forgot about him.

When Joseph was ready for his calling and his calling was ready for him, God called him out of that prison. Joseph was taken from the prison gates, set free, given new clothes, and was brought before Pharaoh.

Joseph went through all these things to become second in command. I’m sure the journey wasn’t easy and I’m sure it required a lot of patience and trust from Joseph.

We have to have Joseph’s patience and trust. We have to trust God is working in us and for us! He has never forgotten and will never forget about you!

Some people may put you down on your detour while you are waiting for God to speak or move in your life, but you have to keep trusting in the calling God has for your life.

“You planned evil against me; God planned it for good to bring about the present result—the survival of many people.” Genesis 50:20

God will use your pain to bring about your calling. We must just surrender to Him and be patient for His work and plan for us. Joseph’s story was full of pain and suffering, but God did not let that define him. God’s hand got ahold of that pain and suffering and used it for Joseph’s good.

It took 22 years for Joseph to reach his calling. Don’t let your detour get the best of you, be patient in God.

After what may feel like a lifetime, God’s providential hand will reach down and pick you up out of the prison you’re in and suddenly, you will find that job, partner, or calling that you’re looking for!

Continue to be patient on your detour. You never know where God is about to call you! Never forget that you are a work of God and true works take time, just be patient!


written by Taylor!

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