Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman

We have purpose before we ever get married. Heck, we have purpose before we are ever born. There’s nothing wrong with being single, its when you develop who you are. It is when find our own personal unity with God. When we are single we learn what our inner desires are and decide to find them in God first. We become aware of ourselves. We need to learn to love God and then ourselves before we love others. Single isn’t being alone, its being whole- unified with self, complete, unique, special, separate. The more time we spend being single the better our marriage will be.

I want to talk today about living our lives as a Proverbs 31 woman before we ever get married, because we are single first. If we learn to have these traits before we get married, imagine the love and connection we could have once we are married. Our marriage will only be as good as our singleness. How are you cultivating the woman you want to be when you get married, today? What are you doing today, that will make you a better wife!? when we are chasing after God he will place the right man in our life

Work Hard

Every day we should wake up with the intent to work for the Lord’s kingdom. Your hard work for his kingdom will never go unnoticed! He will bless you more than you have ever expected. He moves like a wild fire through out our lives when we surrender to him. When we work to bring glory to his kingdom. How can you do this everyday? Maybe its on your heart to start a blog. Or maybe start a YouTube channel. Or plan a workshop to do on your campus. Creating products that bring glory to him.

Whatever your work is, do it in honor of him!

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Fear of God

When we fear God we have respect for him and we are obidient. It’s not him pointing a finger at us and shaming us for what we’ve done. God knows that we are sinners so he would not deliberately shake his finger at us. When we fear God we should be humbled by the purpose he has given us.

What does obedience look like? It’s part of what it looks like to wake up every day with the intent of working to better his kingdom. It is reading his word and discovering who he is to us. It is surrending to His will for our lives. Being willing to step out of our comfort zone. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

How can you humble yourself today? How can you be obedient to his will; to bring more people to him?

Respect for Spouse

You may be thinking how the heck am I supposed to do this!? I’m not married! I have no spouse!

You have a spouse. He’s out there somewhere. It’s easy to just not even think about him until he’s shown up. Truth is we should be thinking about him long before that.

You can show respect for your future spouse by praying for him! He may going through troubling times and he could need all the prayers he can get. Pray that when he see’s you he is confident in God’s plan for y’all. Pray that he is exactly what you need and will be able to lift you up and encourage you.

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As a child of God we are given wisdom and revelation throughout our lives. We gain this by reading his word to learn about what he has spoken already. What God has shown us through our lives will speak to anyone that we encounter.

It’s important that we speak life to people and not speak ill of them. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. It’s so true that “what we speak about we bring about.”


I have a little story of encouragement. As Christians we are meant to do this for everyone. Not just close friends, not just others Christians, not just other people our age, not just girls. EVERYONE. God places people around to see what we will do and here’s what I did…

Just yesterday as I was on my way back from my internship, I was at the trolley stop and a lady asked me how I was. Of course I said I was good and proceeded to ask her how she was. She said she was alright. Though proceeds to say “That’s what we’re supposed to say right.” I told her “no, you don’t have to say that.” She got to telling me about the fact that she was a felon and had gotten out of jail in June. She was able to find a job, but could be at risk of losing her job, because of someone else’s wrong doing. I was able to encourage her and let her know that if she continues to think about what happened in her past and what people may think of her, it will only cause a negative future. I told her to focus on the positive go into her meeting with her supervisor and tell them exactly what happened.

I dont know what will happen, but when I asked her if I could pray for her… she said yes. And y’all, not everyone is going to say yes. But she did and it makes me so happy. I dont know if I’ll see her again. But I do hope she could see God’s light through me. Maybe she’ll seek him because of me. A girl can hope.

Now you probably think I’m weird for talking to some random lady at a bus stop. But any chance I get to talk to someone who is hurting, I will take. She needed someone to talk to and I was there. It’s a reminder to me that, I have a purpose. I thank God for every moment I get to encourage someone else. I thank him that he sets people in my path to remind me how valued I am by him and how much my purpose will speak to others

***Y’all it’s so important we know that we do not HAVE TO say that we are okay. Life is not good all the time!!

Care for Others

Friends, it’s vital that we learn to LISTEN. I have found myself always wanting to give a solution to peoples problems. Sometimes people just want for you to listen to them and not have a solution.

So friends be quick to listen and slow to respond.

One way I love to do this is through babysitting!! I get to babysit my favorite little kiddos, from church this weekend and I am so excited!

You can do this by caring for loved ones who are sick! When we care for people in their hardest times it will not be forgotten. Hopefully that person would also come around for you, when you need help.

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Concern for the Poor

In what ways can you help the less fortunate in your community!? You can do this in many ways? Directly and indirectly. To give you some ideas, these are some things I have done:

volunteering at a women’s clinic that gives free pregnancy test, ultra sound, while not supporting abortion they review women’s options (if needed the women is referred elsewhere), laslty they helped the women clothe their babies. While I was behind the scenes this helped them to be more present with their clients.

Another thing I have done is help at an elementary school where many of the children were underprivileged. Of course we were dancing, we know i love to dance. Dancing is a great way to bring about positive energy. Anyways, to see them love their life is so humbling. It’s helps you realize that the small things matter so much!

Lastly we all know that my internship this semester is at a homeless shelter. Here I get to work one on one with clients! As well as in group sessions. I have gotten to meet people from so many different walks of life! EVERYONE HAS A STORY – and it so amazing to hear all of theirs. I love being able to work in such a God centered place. It brings my spirit so much peace for my future.

Wisdom with Money

We can work on this one together friends. ‘Cause I am not very good with my money!!

One thing I want to implement this year, for myself, is a budget. I need to track my spending. Y’all I love fries and coffee. Like if it was all that was left on earth, I’d be happy for the rest of my days

If we want to be able to raise a family one day, it’s important that we are wise about our money!

My friend I hope you enjoyed this! I am thinking about making it a short series. SO if you have any other thoughts comment below! Also, comment below the type of prayer you pray for your future husband. My parents seem to think I’m a brat (I am, but I get it from my mom so she can’t complain), so I pray that my future husband is able to handle me at my finest!

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future” Proverbs 31:25


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