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Sometimes I struggle to submit and give everything to God. I grew up always priding myself on being a strong, independent woman, so the idea of submitting it all over to God and trusting Him was very intimidating to me. God doesn’t ask us to pick and choose what we would like to submit to him or what we are willing to trust Him with. Instead, He wants us to put it all in His powerful hands and let Him take care of us.

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Six months ago, I packed up everything and moved to a town I had only visited on a short day-trip once. I was about to continue my education, start a new job, and experience the new season of my life in a place where I couldn’t even find a Walmart or Post Office without the help of my GPS. Not only was I venturing into an unfamiliar place, I was also doing it alone. I moved without any friends or family and for the first time, I was actually completely out and on my own.

Roughly a year before this journey, I sat down with God and debated what my next step would be after finished my Bachelors. I wasn’t very sure of anything at this point. I had known missions had been on my heart for years, but I also knew there was a piece of me that wanted to further my education. I prayed and spent time trying to unearth what I would do next. I had two things I was asking God. I was asking Him that He order my path, so it would be completely clear to me what I needed to do and that if I was to go back to school that it not be Radford. At that time, I saw nothing wrong with my request, but looking back I do see some of the problems. Radford was a piece that I was withholding from God. It was a place where I didn’t know anyone and would have no crutch to fall back on if something went wrong. I was telling Him I would go anywhere and I would do anything, except that one thing.

I had asked God for this clear path and a clear path is exactly what I got. I applied to a couple of schools that had programs that peeked my interested and to Radford University because my advisor spoke highly of their program. During the application process and the time waiting for decisions, I told everyone (and I mean everyone) that I applied there as a backup and I wouldn’t be going there. Looking back, I had no concrete reasons not to attend Radford. I had just heard of the school’s reputation and had known a good percentage of my high school had gone there and were now graduated. As the decision letters came in, I realized that I was left with one very clear choice, Radford University. At first, I was completely and utterly distraught. I didn’t understand and I wasn’t ready to follow God’s plan even though He made it clear, just like I had asked Him.

Up until the day that I began my drive to Radford, I was waiting for a sign. I was waiting for God to send me an angel like He sent to Abraham when Abraham was following through with his assignment to sacrifice Isaac. I was waiting for that angel to come down and tell me that I had shown trust and was willing to go but that I didn’t have to. As much as I wished that was the case, I knew it wasn’t. My heart wasn’t in the move and I had the worst possible attitude about every piece of it.

“Come to terms with God and be at peace;
in this way good will come to you.”
Job 22:21

I was still withholding from God and He knew. He knew my heart and what was best for my life, I just had to trust Him.

God didn’t send me to Radford because it was the once place I didn’t want to go. God sent me to Radford because He knew that if I was willing to give in and give this piece of me to Him that I would be fully reliant on Him to order my steps.

Through this move, I have deepened my relationship with God to a level that I had never experienced. I stopped withholding from Him and I was able to put it all in His hands and be completely and utterly dependent on Him.

If I had not been willing to submit this piece of myself to Him, then I wasn’t giving myself wholeheartedly to Him. I was keeping a part selfishly aside for my own comfort and gain.

Is there anything you are holding onto that He has been speaking to you to submit to him?
I urge you to give it up because God will begin to open more doors than you could imagine.

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Over the past six months in Radford, I have learned to love this institution, my job, my church, and the new people I can call my friends. While I am not quite sure what all my purpose in Radford contains, I do know that my plans are established in Him and He will keep me safe and guide me through the adventures that this season of my life will contain.

“I will be with you
when you pass through the waters,
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not overwhelm you.
You will not be scorched
when you walk through the fire,
and the flame will not burn you.
Isaiah 43:2

I pray that each of you reading this will be able to give those hard pieces over to God and trust Him wholeheartedly. Through trusting and submitting to Him, you will always arrive just where you need to be, right on time.


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