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3 Tips to Trusting God


When you feel like something is part of your purpose, but God says no, what do you do? Do you turn from him? Or do you submit to him and deepen your trust in Him.

If you have followed me for a while you would know that last semester, I applied to a two year internship through and organization called RUF. I would have been able to work with students one on one, plan large groups, and any other events on campus. The first interview went super well! It seemed that this would turn out to be a very promising avenue for me to take after school. I was super excited and soo soo eager to be apart of this organization.

But when God says no.. what do we do? Let’s back up a little first.

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So I had a follow up interview about four weeks ago now. The follow up interview was for them to see kind of how I would respond to students about the gospel, on whatever campus they sent me too. To me the questions they were asking were really simple questions – questions I knew the answers to.. Yet for many of them I could not produce an answer, at least the answer I knew I had inside of me.

I feel like on the inside I knew that maybe RUF wasn’t the way for me. I doubted myself all last month – which essentially led to me doubting God and his purpose for me as well.

Though something so crazy happened when I heard back from the internship. I remember opening the email and reading the first couple lines and thinking well that is not at all what I expected.

Then moments later I started crying. Crying not because I was mad at God for not letting me have what I wanted, so deeply. Crying because I felt relief, like I could trust him again. I had placed it all in his hands just the night before returning my trust to him. Getting that no was the best thing that could have happened to me in this season. I am working to trust God more wholeheartedly this year and it moves me so much that I instantly was thankful for his goodness. I felt like myself again, the fearless Tae. I hadn’t been that person in a while. I felt connected to Him all over again.

I realized I picked what was the most glorious thing. What wouldn’t have taken as much soul searching or creation on my part. I am learning that when I get to put my heart into things and make it more personal, I am so much happier and filled with much more joy. Be on the look out for some new things in the coming months. I am bringing Jesus back to the center of all that I do.

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do you pick the most glorious thing? Honestly the internship would have been the more glorious way to go. It was easier that way, I didn’t have to work to hard to find my place. It was already a given what I would be doing and who I would be serving. God has called me to do the less than glamorous work and to make my own way.


So How Can We Trust Him More

1. Wholeheartedly and with so much conviction say  “Your will be done” when we truly believe this with all our heart, God will shift within us. There has to be a heart shift, we have to truly believe that his way is the only way. He is the only One that can change our circumstances, its not at all what we think we can do in our own strength. Sometimes we won’t get the answer we wanted, like I experienced, but he will show up for you like never before.

2. READ HIS WORD! This is always the best thing we can do! Sitting and reflecting on His words gives us soo much insight for our lives. This creates unity with him, he truly just wants relationship with you. It’s not so much about what religion you are, at the end of the day, religion is just another thing that separates us here on earth. Sit down, open your Bible and have a conversation with God.

At the end of the day, religion is just another thing that separates us here on earth.Click To Tweet

3. Be in Community! we are created to have community with others. Our Iives are not about ourselves, we are to share ourselves with others. This may be soo daunting if youre anything like me. Jesus was so patient and loving with everyone, this is something we should all strive for… it is not easy and we will not be perfect at it, but that’s where Jesus’ perfect love comes in. Within community you are able to learn from other peoples struggles and be a light in their life as well.

All in all friends, when we trust in Him we are able to find peace. For me I get a sense of fearlessness, cause through Him I know my work here on earth is no where near done, so what is there to fear. Proverbs 31:25 is truly my verse of the year, I’ve said this a couple times before and I will probably keep saying it haha!! I will be that woman clothed in strength and dignity that laughs without fear of the future.

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