4 Healthy Lifestyle Tips That Have Truly Helped Me!!

These are all my beliefs about health and fitness… If you disagree lets have a chat in the comments!!

WOAH you’re probably like why is she posting on a Sunday!? I have recently let go of some things, which Ill probably talk about in an insta post! So I have some more time to be writing post for y’all!! I am so excited I am working on some things behind the scenes and I am so glad that I have a friend that is interested in what I’m doing and is thrilled to be my tester! Haha tester doesn’t make sense but basically she is working with me! y’all I am so excited!!

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Now to the actual post!

Ya know, we only live once. #YOLO SO why aren’t we treating our bodies so badly. With strict dieting, counting calories, unbalanced diets and much more!! Why do we do this? In the end this won’t benefit us. It wont matter what we looked like when we were 20 years old. What truly matters is that we’re able bodied to do the work of the kingdom. You’re probably thinking that I am contradicting myself. Well no – the problem with all of those things I listed is that God isn’t at the center of it all. Maybe he is for you I dont know. But if we truly found rest in Him we wouldn’t dwell so much on the amount of calories we got in a day – whether over or under. We wouldn’t care so much about how sweaty we were and how hard we went in the gym. I’m not saying I haven’t lived out any of these things, but it’s truly time we change our thought process. I’m right here with you friends.


The Four Lifestyle Tips

1. You’re in this for no one but YOU!! It’s not about anyone else. Once you’ve started a health and fitness journey, it is so important to STAY IN YOUR LANE. Comparison literally kills us y’all. It causes us to doubt and fear any progress that we could ever make. It puts huge bumps in the road, making us think we are not worth it. But let me tell you my friend. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT! When we compare we are essentially telling God, that is creation is less than perfect.

when we compare ourselves to others, we are essentially saying that God made us less than perfect, and the fact of the matter is that He makes nothing less than perfect. Click To Tweet


2. Food does matter.  What you feeding you body, when you’re eating it, and how of it you eat is really important. I naturally gravitate to things that nourish my body, which is really weird for some, but I am thankful. I do not typically eat too many sweet things, but when I do maaaan do I!! Haha, I am starting to realize the moment when I really want that sweet treat. I eat it, though I don’t over indulge, maybe sometimes. The fact of the matter though, is at the end of the day my stomach hates me, cause it isn’t used to the dirty foods. By dirty food, I mean over processed and filled with so many things that should just not go in our body. It honestly freaks me out to look at some of the ingredients in some foods.

I know that when I am eating things that my body truly enjoys – my workouts go a lot smoother. Doesn’t always have to be organic! If you are able to rinse off whatever food item it is, you will be pretty much okay!


3. Love yourself unselfishly. We hear that should we love our self just the way we are and this is so true! When we love ourselves the way that the world tells us to, God is not at the center. Don’t count the calories because you want control and having that control will make you love yourself a little more. Don’t follow the workout plan and meal plan, because it says that you’ll look a certain way at the end. We have to make sure it’s not in a selfish way and more in a thankful way, that we love our self. God has given us our body, so we should love every quirk about. In this very moment thank God for the able body he has given you. Don’t think about what you can’t do, rather what you can do. When we rest our bodies in Him – we can thank God for the ability to go and get a good workout in and the healthy food; then not be obsessed with getting a certain result. Health and fitness is a journey just like in any other aspect of our life. Take the journey with God.

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4. Get a Partner!! I am in the place now, where I don’t need a partner when I go to the gym, because I have gotten comfortable. Having a partner when you first start your health and fitness journey is so worth it though! You get to motivate each other, as well as seeing their progress too!

As I haven’t posted many health and fitness post before this one is a little shorter. As I get more comfortable writing about it, the post will get longer. I hope you got something out of this friends!!

Have a beautiful Sunday!!


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    1. I’m glad you liked it!! Loving myself unselfishly is something I am still learning but have definitely come a long way!!

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