Whatever It Takes

“Whatever it takes, whatever it cost

I live for one thing, and it’s Jesus”

written by Taylor


In words alone, singing these lyrics isn’t all that hard. (No, mom. I still can’t sing but the shower still muffles every off-key note and I live alone so it isn’t all that bad.) There are no long words or anything too complicated to understand. Simply giving up whatever God calls us to and living for Him alone. The difficulty comes in honestly meaning and accepting the hardships that come from laying it all down and actually giving-up whatever it takes.

Looking back, I can say without hesitation that anything I lost to follow God’s will for my life was more than worth whatever I was giving up. In the moment though, that was not exactly the case. In the moment, there was debate. There was uncertainty. There was doubt. How could God take away friends, opportunities, and relationships? Why couldn’t these things follow me on His path for my life? Does He want me to be unhappy and hurt? Was there a point to this pain?

Have you ever gone through a situation where God was pulling on your heartstrings that you needed to distance yourself from a friend that you told everything to, where all you wanted was an opportunity but it didn’t follow His plan, or where you truly thought you loved your significant other but they were leading you into a relationship of disobedience to God?

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It’s easy to want to stay comfortable, but there are few things about following God’s path for our lives that are easy to live out. The Bible tells us that God’s path isn’t easy and that we will have trouble. But it doesn’t stop there. God continues in scripture to tell each of us that He has overcome the world. No matter the challenge, no matter how difficult it seems, God has already overcome your struggles and circumstance.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33 NIV

From a young age, I had a “True Love Waits” ring that my mother had given to me to serve as a reminder of a promise I had made to God earlier in life. I can vividly remember a time in high school where the purpose of the ring was made into a joke. I still see the laughing faces and hear the jokes followed by the room filling with laughter. I still feel the looks of everyone’s eyes on me as my cheeks blazed red of embarrassment. I can easily think of lost relationships due to guys wanting to push further and further. Moments of uncomfort where lines had to be drawn and feet had to be firmly planted in a decision that I knew would serve as the end. It would have been easy to lose the ring and deny its purpose or forget the promise I had made to God, but I didn’t commit myself to an easy path with God. I committed to doing whatever it took, no matter the cost. I committed to living for one thing. That one thing wasn’t the opinion of the joking faces. It wasn’t the loss of interest in guys that only had one interest in mind. It was in Jesus.

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I had to learn to open my hands and let God take away the pieces of my life that didn’t align with His plans. Even now, there is nothing easy about living this out. There is nothing easy about losing friends because I can’t deny my faith to accept their lifestyle choices. There is nothing easy about turning down opportunities because they are strictly against my belief sets. There is nothing easy about being the single friend while you wait for a guy that truly loves and follows God and desires Him more than he will ever want me.

While there was nothing easy about looking into these challenges, the battle wasn’t lost. God didn’t take away these friends, opportunities, and relationships to hurt me. On the contrary, they were hindering not only me but my relationship with God. God took each of these pieces away for my good. While these friends, opportunities, and relationships seemed good, they were not in my best interest. God was moving what I thought was good out so there was room for the best. The devil plans evil and destruction of our souls by pushing in, but God will strip us of these things if we let Him and He will change the scenario for our good.

“You planned evil against me; God planned it for good to bring about the present result—the survival of many people.”

Genesis 50:20 CSB

No matter how much I thought I needed or wanted what I had during those times. No matter how much I did not want to let go. I can say without hesitation that I am thankful I gave those worldly values to God and let Him do a work in me. The pain was worth it and with Him, the pain was minimal because I knew something greater was in store.

I pray that each of you reading this will have the strength and trust in God to give whatever it takes, no matter the cost. I pray that you will be willing to loosen the grip you have on worldly values and let God give you what He has in store for you. Trust Him. He will forever have your best interest in heart.

Give the song a listen!!

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