Why I Am A Vegetarian!

I am in no way saying that everyone should go vegetarian or even vegan by reading this post. I am simply explaining my reasoning for being a vegetarian and why it works for me!

So growing up I never wanted to eat meat. Green foods have always been like my best friend haha!! Food is my best friend in general y’all. I LOVE to eat. I just try my best to be conscious of what I am eating. But we all have those days, am I right? Any ways my mom was a wee bit scared that  would not get all of the nutrients and things I needed. Especially being a dancer, dancing lots of hours. it was important that I get in a good amount of nutrients into my diet.

So fast forward to last summer.

Me being the moderate tree huger, earth lover, empathetic human being that I am; decided to go vegetarian, after hearing for sure from a herbalist that I would be A-OKAY living off of the protein of plants. I quit the next day and never looked back.


Growing up I never particularly liked the taste of meat. Though, living up in the mountains for school I get to see those little chickens being moved in on the trucks going to slaughter houses, in those tiny cages. The stench of town when the slaughterhouse is in full swing. It drives me crazy y’all, my heart most of all.

I have always been that kind of eccentric person in a way. Always wanting to be as natural as I can in the moment, earthy? Maybe that’s why I like yoga so much now. Being connected to the world around me is something I have always experienced, in different forms.

Anyways I feel that because of the way I am in tune with things, it causes me to distance myself from anything that is not from the good care of the earth. Now I know this must not make much sense, as I am just letting my thoughts guide me. bear with me. It will make more sense in the next section.


I am sure you have seen at least one food documentary. Does “What The Health” ring a bell? This movie was so big last summer. Forks Over Knives or Cowspiracy!? We know what I do in my free time, ahaha. I love watching documentaries, because they are so informative.

Though what is being stated in any of these movies is nothing new. The mass production, we’ve been cutting down rain forest for YEARS now. The pesticides, these chemicals kill our bodies. I can always taste the difference between an organic item and the non-organic. The steroids, causing our bodies to grow and form at paces they shouldn’t. Over processed, which cause us to over consume and have higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

It’s unnatural.

All of this so that we can have a happy meal, whoppers and any of those other fast food chain greasy foods.

If you ever watch any of these documentaries you know that animals are in harsh living conditions – with no room to actually grow. The nerves of the animals are going haywire when they are going through the process of being slaughtered – that then reflects on us when we eat their meat. Their stress causes us to have higher stress levels and heart rates when we eat their meat.

This is why many people are obese and have many different health problems. The foods we eat have a direct affect on our bodies and how long we live. We’re on so many medicines that our bodies wouldn’t even be able to function without them!

I am not saying that people should be like me and stop eating meat all together. But definitely cut back. I mean God gave us the foods to eat, so why not? I personally cannot though.

I hope this gives you some new perspective! Also, I encourage you to do your own research and decide what is best for you!!

It Is Possible To Buy Green Foods

What I mean by green are organic and simply healthier for our body.

Buy Local + Fresh

I encourage you to find a Farmers Market near you!! It is so much fun to go out and try new things. It is also beneficial to buy local foods, because you are supporting your local economy.

When you buy your fruits vegetables and meats locally – they are grown and produced with YOU in mind. Not so much about the money. So that means either less pesticides or absolutely none at all!

You can definitely buy the fruits and vegetables at Walmart even if it is not organic. If you are able to at least rinse off the product

it doesn’t cost a lot anymore. This can no longer be an excuse. There are any websites that you can buy from that have cheaper produce that are organic. For example Brandless. On this website you can literally buy grocery items for three dollars! You can now buy foods on Amazon – since they are now connected with Whole Foods.

ALDI! If you haven’t been here you need to go!! The foods here are organic and priced so well!! If you are on a budget, even if you’re not, this is the place to go!

It’s important that we try to stay away from health problems – not worry about them once they happen to us.

eat food, not too much, mostly plants. – Micheal Pollan

Knowing all of these things and y personal feelings, lead to why I am a vegetarian. I really hope this gave you some perspective!

Have a happy Sunday!



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