Are Your Prayers Enough?

I saw this picture floating around and thought that I’d share why our thoughts and prayers are always important – but definitely not the place we should stop.

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If it wasn’t for prayer…

we wouldn’t be where we are today.. yes it seems like change should happen in an instant (we’re used to instant gratification) and we’ve been dealing with certain things for a long while. But the fact of the matter is that nothing happens over night. Jesus didn’t come until 400 years after the prophecy; aside from the slavery that still happens today, African Americans were slaves for about 200 years, only for there to be segregation which still exist today. we could go on. All this to say change doesn’t happen over night and we will always need prayer. We can’t survive this world alone. And by alone I mean without God.

We can’t pray alone, there needs to be action behind every prayer. Which is why we need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit.


What needs to happen, is for people who know the true word of God to start getting out in their communities and speaking to those who are ill informed or simply uninformed. People out there think that because women are having abortions God is allowing people to murder our children. WHAT? Since when is God so heartless, to allow something like this. To give you some context as to what I am referring too, I took some screenshots.

Reading things like this truly hurts my heart, but is also a reminder that our world is so so broken. God would never ever punish us in such a cruel way. Its is a choice for us obey God.

So what do we do to eradicate the thoughts that people hold about God being vengeful,  individually and as a faith community? How do we put action behind our prayers?

Learn what God says about those who are obedient to him

read his word.. what does the bible say about people who are God’s children. What does it look like to lower ourselves for His creation? When we obey the purpose God has placed over our lives we are made righteous.

Be part of a community 

when you are part of a community of people who are seeking to learn more about Christ together, its honestly a very humbling experience. I have learned that my patience wears a little thin sometimes. The fact that maybe I have a slight control issue. I am able to work on these things within the group of other young adult women who are also on their own faith journey.

Serve the community

If serving in a soup kitchen isn’t something a you thing, don’t do it! There are ways to serve directly and indirectly; you just have to find out what your community offers you! When you serve in the community you get to share the love of Christ with the light that he has placed inside of you.

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Remember that you’re set apart

You’re not at all supposed to be like anyone who is around you. When we live by what we can see, we don’t experience the greatness of God’s love. He calls for us to be with Him in relationship, which means not following the crowd and being part of and knowing the latest thing.

Lastly I want to remind you, that you not are here because YOU have some work to do, but here because God has work to do through you.¬† We are not living for ourselves, but His kingdom. Our goal is for everyone to experience his love. For everyone to live in freedom. When we are reminded that it is not about us, we are humbled by the work that He does through us. It’s something we could never expect or imagine. KNOW WHO GOD IS FOR YOU!

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