Smile Fearlessly

Today’s post is a collaboration with Smile Brilliant!

Smile Brilliant is an all vegan teeth whitening company!! If you did not know already in the coming months (and years) I am going to be focusing on caring for our whole person. Our whole person is not just us, but the world around us as well.

Though today… IT’S ALL ABOUT US! As we all know self care is really important if we want to truly be a light for others in this world. I have used my teeth whitening time to fuel up on God’s word and just simply be alone!

The Package

The teeth whitening system is sent to you in the mail. Inside the box is the impression paste to make my impressions, along with the whitening gel and desensitizing gel.

You first have to mix the two paste together and place them evenly into he trays. Once they are in the trays, you have to put the trays into your mouth for about two minutes so that your teeth can mold to them. Honestly this was so weird to me, but my trays came out so good!! Also my teeth are by no means perfect so am so thrilled with my trays!

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The Trays

Once you have created your impressions they are sent back off to the Smile Brilliant lab- where it will takes about a week for your trays to be made.

The custom-fitted trays are lightweight, comfortable, and virtually invisible during wear. A teeth whitening solution that’s worth smiling over! Once you have your custom fitted trays made, you can re-wear them indefinitely and just purchase gel refills, making Smile Brilliant much more cost effective compared to other whitening options!

Teeth whitening trays ensure the gel adheres to your teeth for the duration of each whitening session. Without custom fitted teeth whitening trays it’s very difficult to not only keep the gel in contact with the tooth but even more difficult to bleach away the stains located in the crevices of the teeth as well as the gum lines and molars.⠀


Once you’ve gotten your trays back you use the whitening syringe first and leave the trays in for 45 mins to 3 hours. After that you use the desensitizing gel for 15-20 minutes.

The process is pretty simple and I enjoyed working with Smile Brilliant, I’m sure you would love it too! You can use the code fearlesslyfitfaith and you will get 10 percent off!!


I want to encourage you to always love your smile and your individuality. I love Smile Brilliants hashtag, which is #smilefearlessly!! When I first was in contact the a Smile Brilliant rep, I definitely thought it wouldn’t be possible for them to make trays to make trays to fit my mouth/teeth. Like I said earlier my teeth are not at all perfect. Growing up I did not like my smile much. But what is absolutely insane is that so many other people do and it’s not because its perfect, it’s because my smile is genuine. I’m no longer talking about teeth, but how people see us when they meet us. I am almost always smiling, not because I am some faker, but because life is not meant to be taken so seriously. On my own journey of loving myself, my smile not only brightens other peoples days but my own as well. At some points in life we have to learn how to encourage ourselves. Putting a smile on our face will change your own personal energy, try it! You do not have to look at yourself in the mirror, just smile and see what happens!

Something else I have gotten from this is to not doubt myself. Yes, very random. Are you doubting yourself because you feel like you have to reach some impossible standard? Let it go!! God has made us perfectly and when ever we are lost we can turn to him, he will guide us!

I hope you’re having a happy Wednesday!!

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