About Me



If you are new here my name is Airriaunte! I am the girl behind the blog!! I am a Social Work major graduating this May! I am so excited to take on my last semester and do my internship at a homeless shelter. I excited for the impact I will make their and all the things I will learn from this population! I am sure it will be a very humbling experience.

I have always had a passion to help others. I do anything I can to help others. I don’t like seeing others hurting. So I will put aside my selfish desires everyday, so that I can reach the one.

I know not everyone will be receptive of who I am and what I am doing, but that’s what makes this journey so  amazing. The struggle makes us stronger and is sometimes God testing our foundation in Him.

I want for my blog to create a community for girls and women alike to find their true beauty! I do not want for anyone to go a day and not know that are unique; because God made us this way!! I hope that I am not only an inspiration to you, but that you are an inspiration to me as well!